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When A Contract Dispute Cannot Be Avoided

Businesses and corporations spend countless resources on avoiding disputes, as teams of lawyers are employed to pore over contractual language. They research, negotiate, draft and review their clients’ contractual agreements to ensure that no costly misunderstandings or conflicts arise. Yet misunderstandings and conflicts do arise. It is almost unavoidable. And when these conflicts arise, if they are not handled efficiently by a knowledgeable attorney, they can lead to protracted litigation and significant financial damage to a business’s bottom line.

At Mark T. Butler, P.C., you will find a lawyer who has the knowledge and experience to help you. With more than 30 years of experience representing individuals and businesses in a range of litigation matters, he knows how to get results. The firm serves local businesses and corporations throughout the greater Detroit area of Michigan.

A Strong Litigator Who Has Seen It All

Attorney Mark T. Butler has been a lawyer for more than 30 years. In that time, the majority of his practice has been focused on litigation, and most of that litigation has involved contractual disputes for small businesses and corporations.

Throughout his career, he has represented clients in contract disputes involving:

  • Employment law disputes: including wrongful termination claims, discrimination claims and sales commission disputes
  • Real estate disputes: including construction disputes, zoning and land use disputes and lease disputes
  • General tort claims: defense against slip-and-falls and other premises liability claims, product liability claims, environmental claims and class action claims
  • Breach of contract: vendor disputes, shareholder disputes, partner disputes and disputes between buyers and sellers of goods and services

Attorney Butler’s litigation experience is a tremendous asset to his clients. Whether the case is going to trial or settlement negotiation, he prepares every case for trial. In cases that are resolved in negotiation, this preparation helps obtain the best outcome possible in the most efficient manner possible. For those that go to court, even a winning case can be an unnecessary financial burden to a company if not handled efficiently.

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